Why You Should Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

As a homeowner, you’re probably eager to make your home more comfortable and more affordable. If you’re thinking of replacing your water heater or installing one in a new home, there’s one simple way to do just that. A tankless water heater comes with many benefits. Find out how a tankless heater will help you, and learn what our tankless water heater service can do for you.

How Do Water Heaters Differ?

Your water heater is an essential home appliance. Without it, you’d be left with no hot water. Doing your laundry, washing your dishes, and bathing would be nearly impossible. While you probably realize the importance of having a water heater, you may not realize that not all heaters are created equal. Some heaters are inefficient and bulky. For instance, traditional water heaters require significant energy use. They also take up floor space and keep you from making the most of your garage or storage closets. Meanwhile, tankless water heaters use up less energy and require less space. If you’re looking to save money and be more environmentally friendly, a tankless heater is the way to go. Typically, they are between 24 and 34% more efficient than conventional heaters.

What Makes Them Unique?

So, why is it that tankless water heaters are so much more efficient? To understand the answer to that question, you need to understand how both types of heaters work. Conventional water heaters have a large tank that holds water. A heating element heats up the water and keeps it warm in the tank. Therefore, the system is constantly drawing energy. In fact, it’s using energy to heat water that you don’t even need. Once the water from the tank of a conventional heater is gone, there’s no hot water available. You need to wait for the water to heat up, which could leave you with no hot water for your shower or bath. Tankless heaters are extremely different. They don’t heat up gallons of water at a time, and they don’t use energy to store that water. Instead, the system heats water when you need it. It all starts with you turning on the hot water. Before the water goes to your fixture, it passes heating elements that warm up your water. By the time the water arrives, it’s hot and ready for use. Because there’s no storage of water, tankless heaters do not require a large tank. It only needs a small area and is less of an eyesore than a traditional heater.

What Are the Benefits of Tankless Heaters?

Now that you understand the differences between conventional and tankless water heaters, you can better comprehend the benefits of a tankless system. All of the following are reasons you should consider switching to a tankless water heater:

Get Water on Demand

When you use a conventional heater, your hot water supply is limited. Once the tank is empty, you need to wait for the tank to get full before you can use the water. Tankless heaters give you a continuous supply of hot water. As long as you buy the right system for your needs, you don’t need to worry about running out of hot water. Whether you have a small or large family, a tankless heater can accommodate you.

Save on Your Energy Bills

The efficient nature of a tankless heater means you get serious savings. Every month, you’ll have lower utility bills. That savings makes a new tankless heater a worthwhile investment. With the help of a tankless water heater service, you can choose a model that’s highly efficient.

Heater Will Last Longer

If you have a traditional water heater, it will only last about 13 years. Even if you perform regular maintenance on the system, it just won’t last. When it reaches a certain age, the heater’s tank will crack and leak. A tankless heater won’t last forever, but it will last longer than a conventional heater. The average lifespan of a tankless heater is 20 years, so you can count on it to last. You’re less likely to need water heater repair and installation, which is another form of savings. When you spend less money on repairs, you have more money to spend on the things that matter.

Save Space

Whatever the size of your family or home may be, you probably want to make the most of your space. A tank heater infringes on that space, as it’s about the size of a refrigerator. However, a tankless heater is about the size of a computer. When your appliances need less space, you can enjoy more of your home.

Are Conventional Heaters Ever Better?

There are only two disadvantages to tankless water heaters. However, those disadvantages are often outweighed by the benefits. The first disadvantage of going tankless is the higher cost. When you’re shopping for a new heater, you might notice that tankless heaters are more expensive than conventional ones. But the tankless heater eventually pays for itself. The lower energy bills and longer lifespan of the system make it a more financially savvy decision. If you buy a traditional heater, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not the cheaper option. Repair costs and high energy bills will deplete your bank account. Another disadvantage to tankless heaters is the fact that tankless systems have a smaller flow rate. But you can remedy this by choosing the right unit for your home.

Hiring a Tankless Water Heater Service Company

Under most circumstances, a tankless heater is the best choice for you and your family. To confirm this and learn more about your options, you should consult with an expert. Someone who specializes in water heater repair and installation can advise you on your options. If you’re thinking of getting a new heater, you should call us at Infinity Plumbing Services. Our technicians are experienced with both tankless and conventional heaters. They can evaluate your needs and help you find the right type and model for your home. For a tankless water heater service company you can trust, call us at Infinity Plumbing.