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Infinity Plumbing Services offers a full scope of work for Tulsa homeowners. One standout service we provide is gas leak detection and gas line repair. This is a service we are licensed to provide.

Gas leaks pose a real, imminent threat to the well-being of anyone in your home or office. If you have any concern about a gas leak, contact us immediately. We provide 24/7 emergency services to help with gas leaks.


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When you schedule gas leaks and repair service with Infinity Plumbing, you will get access to:

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Infinity Plumbing Services is locally owned and operated. That means, we are here to help you. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you will benefit from our gas leaks and repair services:

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Gas leak signs may be present in the environment or in people.
Here are some of the signs that you could have a gas leak:
In the environment, you may notice:
Here are some of the signs that you could have a gas leak:
In the environment, you may notice:

There are many types of gas that could be leaking. You may experience a natural gas leak or even refrigerant leak that emits harmful gas.

For dangerous gasses, you should have an alarm in place. If your carbon monoxide detector has gone off, you should call emergency services immediately to shut off your gas. After that, call us to find the damage and repair the line.

How Gas Leaks are Detected

Gas leaks require professional tools to detect. There are a few devices and tools that can be used by professional plumbers to detect gas leaks:

When sprayed on a leaking pipe, the bubbles will appear. This detection liquid makes it easy to identify the precise spot where a leak is happening.

This is a simple, electronic device that will immediately detect leaking Freon or other refrigerant gas.

This is also an electronically powered device that will identify chemical and other gasses.

The licensed team at Infinity Plumbing Services have numerous, comprehensive ways to test your environment for gas leaks. This is an essential service that we provide.

How Gas Leaks are Repaired

Plumbers are the most frequent professionals to identify and repair gas leaks. Once the immediate danger has passed, we will come and provide a thorough inspection, using state-of-the-art gas detection tools. If an old or outdated system lacks safety measures (like auto shutoffs, gas venting through controlled releases or emergency releases), we can advise and implement upgrades.

Some gas leaks are technically non-hazardous. However, all gas leaks should be taken seriously and dealt with by a professional plumber. There are very important laws that regulate the kind of service technicians who can repair gas leaks. Infinity Plumbing Services has and maintains licensing to do this work.

Most grades of gas leaks can be easily repaired through pipe restoration. We have several effective methods to restore the integrity of your pipes and protect building residents from the hazards of gas leaks.

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Hire a Plumber for Gas Leaks and Repairs

We are proud to have decades of experience and five-star ratings. Our solid reputation is earned from excellent work and customer service. We are committed to providing above-and-beyond for our clients. Our team is qualified and ready to detect and repair gas leaks in your home or business. Your safety matters to us. Even if you only have a vague suspicion, getting potential gas leaks immediately checked out is enormously important. Keep your family safe, keep your customers safe, call on us.

For gas leak detection and repair in Tulsa and nearby areas, contact us.

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