Our Story

Our Story

Infinity Plumbing Services is family owned and operated. We have served the Tulsa metro area for years. We are proud to be a reliable source of home support for families in this area of Oklahoma.

Infinity Plumbing Services began with the vision of founder Jared Coe. He had worked for years with other plumbing companies in Tulsa. His motive was to fill the gap between expert workmanship and excellent customer service, which many companies lack. This company was founded on the idea that families deserve both.

We like to think of ourselves as in the “people business.” And, we happen to be expert plumbers.

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The Infinity Promise

Infinity Plumbing Services offers more than just repairs. We offer water quality, drain, water and gas solutions.

Infinity Plumbing Services offers value. We only use the highest quality plumbing products, at a fair price, with an exceptional guarantee.

Infinity Plumbing Services offers exceptional communication. We will always let you know the price before we start and we will keep you updated on the status of your project along the way.

Infinity Plumbing Services will always be eager-to-please and responsive. We will answer the phone and arrive at your door, happy, willing and prepared to meet your needs

Infinity Plumbing Services offers the best reliability. We will understand you and your needs, always giving you multiple solution options to solve any plumbing issues you face.

We know that plumbing issues usually strike at the most inopportune moments. And we understand that plumbing problems don’t arise when it is most convenient, which is why our phones are answered by a real live Infinity Plumbing Services employee 24/7, 365 days a year. We would never send our clients’ calls to frustrating answering services. We feel our customers deserve to talk to a real person immediately when they call.

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What Makes Us Different


High-value plumbing


Plumbing maintenance


Plumbing repairs


Customer service


Reliable scheduling


Transparent pricing


24/7 Service


We get old toilets working or new toilets in. Repair and maintenance services available.

We work with all elements of sinks in your bathroom, kitchen or other areas in a home. We can install new sinks or repair the ones already in your home.

All brands, all features, we can repair your current faucets or help you upgrade or update by installing new ones.

Our plumbers are able to give you the bathroom of your dreams, with expert (all-brand) bathtub and shower installation.

Leaks, drainage issues and even bad smells are all symptomatic of plumbing issues. We can perform expert diagnosis and repair.

We can get to the root of disposal issues by investigating your garbage disposal and performing repairs or installing replacement units.

Don’t let leaks worsen. Our teams can quickly find out where you have leaks and patch or repair them before they get bigger and cause more damage.

We have the equipment and tools to install pipes anywhere in your home. We will create a thorough plan and execute it to perfection.

We are one of the only plumbers in Tulsa that is licensed to do gas line services, which we can do in your home or place of business.

Our tools can detect gas leaks. If you have any suspicion of an issue like this, call us immediately for emergency gas leak detection services.

Backflow is an enormous issue that puts your family’s health at risk. Don’t take a chance with uncertain water quality. Let us find and fix backflow issues.

If moisture accumulates anywhere in your slab, it needs to be dealt with right away. We can immediately detect and arrange repair for slab leaks.

Leaks in general lead to mold growth, decay and can threaten the integrity of your foundation, roof or walls. Let us get in and find the source.

Water heaters should maintain proper function for a number of years. If yours isn’t working like it should, our repairmen can find out what’s wrong.

We install all kinds of water heaters at an affordable price. Let our agile, efficient and considerate team help you out.

Water softeners, reverse osmosis and other water filtration systems may require expert installation. Call us.

These water heaters have a long life and are efficient and useful. We can install and repair tankless water heaters.

If you have remodeled or simply have complex plumbing issues, you may require drain installation. Our expert team is equipped to work on jobs like these.

Your place of business may need routine plumbing maintenance, repairs or emergency services. Call us to help.

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Service Areas

We have teams of plumbers in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, including:

We are a company you can trust. When we arrive at your home, you will be greeted by a friendly plumbing expert who will clean up any mess caused by repairs before leaving. We believe in going the extra mile because we value our customers and appreciate their business.


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