Why You Should Call a Professional to Install Your Water Heater

A new water heater is a large investment. In an effort to save money, some homeowners opt to install the product themselves. Unfortunately, this could cost you in the long-run. There are several reasons you should have a professional install your water heater. Whether you want a residential tankless water heater or a traditional one, hiring a professional can make all the difference. Find out why it’s so important to call in an expert for the installation.

Get Advice on the Right Type and Model

If you head into your local home improvement store, you can pick from a small selection of water heaters. But which one is right for your home? The store employee doesn’t know about the hot water needs of your home, and they certainly can’t tell you which model is the best for your household. On the other hand, an expert can ensure you get the best type and model for your needs. They can explain the difference between a tankless water heater and a traditional one. Furthermore, they can determine what size unit you need to meet your hot water requirements. By installing the right type and water heater model, you make sure your home always has enough hot water. There’s nothing worse than running out of water in the middle of a shower or not being able to run your washing machine and dishwasher at the same time. If you don’t call a professional, that’s exactly what can happen.

You Know Your Installer

If you order your water heater from a big box store, you can opt for them to do the installation. But how much do you really know about their credentials? You can’t be sure that the person installing your heater has any more experience than you do. Although they might assure you of the installer’s expertise, there’s no easy way for you to check their credentials. When you work with a plumbing company, you know who is installing your water heater. You can look into the reputation of your plumber by checking reviews and searching for their licensing and certifications. After a little research, you can find a plumbing company with years of experience and skilled employees. Only then can you know your water heater installation is in good hands. You’re welcoming someone into your home to install your water heater. So, you deserve a little peace of mind. By calling a reputable local plumber, you get just that. Work with a company that does background checks on their employees, and don’t worry about who you’re letting inside your home.

Save Money

At first, this might not make any sense. When you hire a professional to install your water heater, you pay extra money for the cost of installation. But that only increases the initial cost. In the long run, your expenses will decrease. There are a few reasons for this. First, you could get a discount on the water heater itself. If you source a water heater on your own, you need to pay full price for it. Even on sale, a water heater at a store costs more than a water heater purchased by a plumber. With a plumber, you could get a high-quality product at a low cost. Secondly, there’s the fact that a professional can help you find a water heater that’s made to last. If you buy a low-quality water heater, it may only make it through a few years of years. On the other hand, a quality water heater could remain reliable for over a decade. You save money on a replacement heater as well as on repairs. Finally, there’s the issue of a warranty. If you have a plumber handle your water heater installation and repair, they may guarantee their work. Instead of paying out of your own pocket-book for a repair, the plumbing company might foot the bill.

Learn About Flaws Before They Cost You

Before you install a water heater, you could be doomed. If a manufacturer didn’t properly make the heater or it experienced damage during transport, your water heater won’t work the way it should. Unfortunately, you probably won’t notice these problems on your own. It takes an experienced eye to identify issues with new water heaters. If you call a plumber for installation, they will notice issues with your heater before it’s too late. You can send back the heater and receive a new one at no cost, which saves you both time and money.

Deal with Warranty Issues with Ease

If you have an issue with a water heater and it falls under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to seek a repair or replacement. However, this is time-consuming and frustrating. You can save yourself the trouble by working with a professional for installation. If you rely on a professional for an installation, they’ll take care of issues with the warranty. You don’t need to wait on hold for hours or fight with the manufacturer for a replacement part. Instead, you can let your plumber take care of everything.

Avoid Issues with Home Inspections and Code Enforcement

A DIY water heater installation may not be up to the local code requirements. If you don’t pull the right permit or install the heater properly, your home won’t be up to code. At first, this might not seem like an issue. But, one day, it will be a problem. When you try to sell your home, it will undergo a home inspection. The inspection could reveal the issue with the water heater. Then, it’s up to you to fix it or to lower the selling price of your home.

Who to Call for Residential Tankless Water Heater Installation

If you need a new tankless water heater, it’s time to call in the experts. Here at Infinity Plumbing Services, we’re ready to do your residential tankless water heater. When you work with us, you can trust that your new water heater is in good hands. Call us today to learn more.