What To Do If Your Toilet Is Ghost Flushing?

When you hear a toilet flushing but no one else is around, you might be on the lookout for ghosts. However, there is a logical reason for your toilet to be flushing, and usually a simple and easy to solve one at that. Find out more about those strange noises from your toilet and learn how plumbing repair can make all the difference.

Diagnosing the Problem

The first thing you need to do is determine the cause of your flushing noise. To find out if you have a leak in your toilet, check the floor. Is there any water? If so, you have an obvious leak. These types of leaks are generally not to blame for your ghost flushing issue. But that’s not the only kind of leak your toilet could have.

Unfortunately, not all leaks are easy to find. An internal leak is difficult to identify, as the leak could be between the flapper and the tank. With no tight seal in place, water may continually run from your tank to your bowl.

Check the Flapper

If you suspect a flapper leak, you can do a dye test to determine the issue. Take food coloring and pour it into your toilet tank. Then, allow the water and dye to sit for approximately 30 minutes. Check the bowl and look for the color you put in the tank. If the color matches the food dye, you have a leak with the flapper.

You can inspect the flapper and try to determine if it sits tight against the opening. Try repositioning the flapper over the opening  to see if it simply needs to be readjusted to create a proper seal. In some cases, the problem is the length of the chain. A short chain causes the flapper to fail at creating a watertight seal.

Loosening or tightening the chain might resolve your issue. If the chain length is fine, you may need a new flapper. In most cases, however, the issue lies in a worn out or poor quality rubber flapper. If it is the flapper itself, the best course of action is to replace it.

Check the Refill Tube

If it seems like the flapper seal is intact in your toilet’s tank, there may be an issue with the refill tube. Depending on your situation, there could be an issue with the filler tube having damage. The issue may also be an improper installation.

Make sure that this tube is refilling the overflow tube properly, and that it is not deviated in any way. If the refill tube does not sit properly in your toilet’s tank, it may cause issues with water flow.  The result is ghost flushing, which could be a constant annoyance.

Check Water Supply for Visible Leaks

There are several areas where a leak may occur in an area other than the toilet itself. Sometimes, external water supplies or fixtures may be the cause of water pooling or buildup.

First, check the supply lines running from your wall to the toilet. These may become loose from their connections or may have a leak themselves. The valves may also be causing this issue, leaking from connections or the valves themselves.

If any of these seem to be the issue, a replacement should be a simple fix for a qualified plumber. They can investigate the situation and repair your toilet. More importantly, they can stop a leak.

How to Fix the Problem

Now that you know what causes ghost flushing, you can take action to stop it. Here are a few simple steps you can take:

Replace the Flapper Valve

After learning about the causes of ghost flushing, you might be able to fix the issue. If you have an issue with the flapper valve, you can replace it. Over time, the flapper valve deteriorates.

This may be due to overuse, toilet cleaning agents, or a number of other factors. The reason for the replacement isn’t as important as the fact that you actually replace it.

Since  a toilet valve replacement is a fairly simple and straightforward process, it is something you can try on your own. You should consider replacing the entire  flush valve assembly. If you head to your local hardware store, you should be able to find a replacement. Just make sure you pick a flapper valve that works with your current toilet.

If this is a task you don’t want to take on, then call a plumber. They have the right tools and experience, and can make sure that your flapper valve does actually need to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you fix a ghost flush?

A ghost flush is an easy enough fix if you call someone for plumbing repair in Broken Arrow. There are a few potential causes of ghost flushing, so you can’t fix the issue until you diagnose the problem. With that said, you might need to replace the flush valve or tighten up a connection. Typically, a flushing noise is easy to fix when you work with a reputable plumbing services company.

Why does my toilet keep making flushing sounds?

It’s impossible to know why your toilet is so noisy. But there are a few reasons your toilet is making flushing sounds. For instance, there could be a loose connection somewhere. Or, you could have a leaky valve. In any case, plumbing repair services should be able to assist you. They can inspect your toilet and locate the exact cause of your troubles.

How do you know if the toilet is leaking?

If you have a leaky toilet, you could lose gallons of water every day. One of the tell-tale signs of leaky water is the sound of running water or gurgling. Additionally, a puddle on the floor near your toilet is also a sign of a leak. To find out for sure whether or not you have a leak, call professional plumbing installation services.

If you suspect a leak or have toilet noises, call for plumbing repair. Here at Infinity Plumbing, we can stop your toilet from ghost flushing.

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