Troubleshooting Tankless Water Heater Problems

What would you do if your water heater in Broken Arrow stopped working? First, you would probably stop washing your dishes and taking showers. You can’t do much of anything without hot water in your home. But after you halt your daily activities, you might not know what to do. Besides calling a professional for help, there are a few things you can do to get your water heater back on track. Check out these tankless water heater problems and solutions.

A Breakdown of Problems

If you want to know how to troubleshoot your water heater, you need to know about some of the problems associated with water heaters. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your water heater woes, so you need to consider the issue before you take measures to fix it.  Pay close attention to your water heater. Then, pick out the issue below and take the suggested steps to fix it. Although you will probably need to call plumbers in Broken Arrow for assistance, you can try one of the fixes below.

Change in the Water Quality

You may notice a sudden change in your water quality. If this happens, you can ask your local utility company to check the water quality. They can also inform you of issues that may have caused the decrease in water quality. It’s not always up to a plumber to fix a water issue. When it comes to water quality, the local water company is usually to blame. If you have well water, you should also consider looking into other causes of your water issues. The quality may have nothing to do with the water quality. 

Bad Odors

If you notice bad smells coming from your hot water, you can get a water testing kit from your hardware store. You could have iron in your water, which may be the cause of the smell. Unfortunately, this is a serious health hazard.  As soon as you notice bad smells coming from your water, you should call an expert. They can pinpoint the cause of your smell and determine whether or not it’s coming from your water heater. Whatever the case may be, a professional can help and keep you safe from toxins in your water.

Banging Noise

Typically, a banging or rumbling noise coming from your pipes or water heater is a sign of trouble. One of the causes of the noise is sediment in the hot water heater. In an attempt to fix this on your own, you could try flushing your hot water heater. A flush removes sediment from your tank and should eliminate the noise. Even tankless heaters can have sediment. If you don’t already know how to flush your water heater, you should learn. It’s an essential task and is necessary to prevent sediment from building up in your system. To learn how to flush your water heater, look for a step-by-step guide or call a professional for guidance. 

Pressure Changes

You might notice some sudden changes in your home’s water pressure. In this case, you could have an issue with your hot water heater. But this isn’t a DIY fix, and you need professional help. Your tankless water heater may not be to blame. It’s worth mentioning that pressure changes can really affect your life. While it may not seem like a big deal at first, your poor water pressure could keep you from enjoying your life. You may not be able to wash dishes, do your laundry, or take enjoyable showers. 

Warning Messages

Tankless water heaters tend to be more high-tech than traditional heaters. Therefore, it’s likely that your system has a warning message on it. If you find an error or warning message on your tankless system, look up the code. You may be able to find out what’s wrong. Even if it’s an issue you don’t understand, you should record the code. When you call out a plumber, they can use the code to diagnose the issue and repair your water heater quickly. You should also make note of the time and date of the error message.

More About Tankless Water Heaters

It’s one thing to know how to troubleshoot tankless water heaters. But what if you don’t already have a tankless heater? You might be wondering if it’s worth making the switch to a tankless heater. After all, they require repairs as well. No type of water heater is completely invulnerable.  If you’re contemplating a switch to a tankless heater, there are a few things you should know. For instance, a tankless system takes up much less space than a traditional one. Take a close look at the tank of your hot water heater. While it might not seem large, it’s taking up valuable space in your home. You might have it taking up a storage closet or being an eyesore in your garage. In any case, a tankless heater is about the size of a briefcase and mounts on the wall.  There’s also the issue of instant hot water. When you have a traditional water heater, you may need to wait for your water to heat up. Once you use all the water in the tank, the system needs to warm up more water. Until then, you have cool water coming from your taps. A tankless system heats up water as you need it. As soon as you run the tap, the elements heat the water and send it to your faucet. This also is why these heaters are much more efficient than traditional ones, which can account for 20% of your home’s energy usage.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Tankless Water Heater Problems and Solutions?

Generally speaking, tankless water heaters tend to last much longer than traditional heaters. They’re also easier to maintain and have lower energy costs. In the end, all of these savings can make your bank account happy.  If you have questions about tankless water heaters or have an issue with your tankless system, you can count on us at Infinity Plumbing Services. We help with tankless water heater problems and solutions, and we get your hot water back quickly. If you want to schedule an appointment in Broken Arrow, call us now.