Tankless Water Heaters: Why They’re a Worthy Investment for Your Home

As a homeowner, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your home’s comfort, efficiency, and value. One such upgrade worth considering is the switch to a tankless water heater. Also known as on-demand or instantaneous water heaters, tankless units have gained popularity in recent years due to their energy efficiency, compact design, and consistent hot water supply. Switching to a tankless water heater enhances your everyday living experience and provides long-term cost savings and environmental benefits. At Infinity Plumbing Services, our skilled professionals in Tulsa, OK, specialize in tankless water heater installation and maintenance, ensuring that your home is equipped with the most efficient and reliable hot water solution. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our team is ready to guide you through the process of selecting, installing, and maintaining the best tankless water heater for your unique needs. Stay tuned as we explore the advantages of tankless water heaters, discuss the importance of professional installation and maintenance services, and explain how our dedicated team of experts in Tulsa, OK can help you make the most of this significant home improvement. By understanding the key benefits and best practices related to tankless water heaters, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about this valuable investment in your home’s comfort and efficiency.

1. Key Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Switching to a tankless water heater offers numerous benefits that can improve your home’s comfort and efficiency:
  • Energy Savings: Tankless water heaters only heat water on demand, which means less energy is wasted compared to traditional storage tank water heaters that have to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Compact Design: Tankless units are significantly smaller than storage tank water heaters, freeing up valuable floor space in your home.
  • Longer Lifespan: On average, tankless water heaters last longer than storage tank models, providing a more cost-effective solution over time.
  • Continuous Hot Water: Since tankless units heat water as it flows through the system, you’ll enjoy a steady supply of hot water without worrying about running out.

2. Professional Tankless Water Heater Installation Services

Investing in a tankless water heater requires skilled professional installation in order to ensure optimal functionality, efficiency, and safety:
  • Proper Sizing: Our technicians will assess your household’s hot water demand and recommend the appropriate tankless water heater size to suit your needs.
  • Expert Installation: We will handle the installation process, adhering to all relevant safety regulations and ensuring that your tankless water heater is properly connected to your home’s plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Configuration: Our team will configure your new tankless unit to deliver the desired water temperature and flow rate, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

3. Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater

Routine maintenance is essential for extending the life of your tankless water heater and maintaining top performance:
  • Regular Inspections: Our professionals will conduct periodic inspections to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.
  • Cleaning and Descaling: Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate and cause blockages within your tankless water heater. Our technicians will clean and descale the unit to prevent these issues from affecting its performance.
  • Component Checks: We will examine the various components of your tankless water heater, such as the burners, venting system, and safety devices, ensuring they are functioning correctly and safely.

4. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tankless Water Heater

Before making the switch to a tankless water heater, consider the following factors to ensure that you select the most suitable unit for your home:
  • Fuel Type: Tankless water heaters come in both gas and electric models. Our experts can help you determine which fuel type is best suited for your home, based on your current setup and energy preferences.
  • Budget: Initial investment costs for tankless units can be higher than for traditional storage tank water heaters. However, the long-term energy savings and extended lifespan can offset this initial cost over time.
  • Household Demand: Assess your home’s hot water requirements, taking into account the number of occupants and frequency of hot water usage. Our technicians can help you choose a tankless water heater with the appropriate capacity to meet your household’s needs.


Making the switch to a tankless water heater can be an excellent investment in your home’s comfort, efficiency, and long-term cost savings. At Infinity Plumbing Services, our dedicated team of professionals is here to help you navigate the selection, installation, and maintenance process, ensuring that your tankless water heater is the best fit for your unique needs. Don’t miss out on the numerous advantages of upgrading to a tankless water heater in Tulsa, OK. Schedule a consultation with our skilled technicians today to learn more about how this modern, energy-efficient solution can improve your home’s comfort and value.