Six Common Plumbing Problems in the Bathroom

Out of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom probably gets the most abuse. For that reason, it’s not unusual to experience plumbing problems in your bathroom. Although there’s no way to keep your plumbing from failing, there are a few ways you can prepare for a plumbing issue. Learn about the most common plumbing problems and find out how you can prepare for and prevent them. Call one of the plumbers in Broken Arrow to learn more.

1. Poor Water Pressure

Water from your tap or shower head should flow out in full force. If it doesn’t, you have a problem with your water pressure. You’re not the first or the last person to experience this issue. It’s easy to know when you have this issue. If you’ve noticed a decrease in pressure or are dissatisfied with the pressure that comes out of your tap, you should look into the source of your pressure problem. First, make sure your low pressure doesn’t have anything to do with the municipal water supply. A plumber can’t help you with that. However, your pressure might be low because of a build-up of sediment in your faucet aerator. This is an easy fix, as you can clean your shower head or aerator to improve your pressure. If a good cleaning doesn’t make a difference, it’s time to call one of the plumbers in Tulsa, OK. A serious plumbing problem could be affecting your water pressure, and the best way to diagnose and repair the issue is to work with a professional.

2. Leaking Pipes

One of the most expensive plumbing repairs is a leaky pipe. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common bathroom troubles. Typically, a homeowner doesn’t notice a leak until damage has been done. You might find water stains, warped wood, or mold. In any case, the cause could be a hidden leak. Fixing a leaky pipe isn’t challenging, but it does take time and make a mess. Although some people think of it as a DIY job, fixing a leak is best left to the professionals. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and one small mistake could result in serious damage. When it comes to leaks, time is of the essence. Waiting to call an expert exposes your home to more water damage. Typically, repairing that damage is more costly than the plumbing repair. If your plumber can’t come to you right away, use some leak tape and a compression clamp to temporarily limit the water loss. If possible, call an emergency plumber.

3. Toilet Runs Constantly

A running toilet is a constant annoyance. If you’re tired of giving your handle a jiggle every time someone flushes, you should take action. Until you fix the toilet, your toilet will continue to be noisy, and you’ll be wasting water. Typically, a running toilet is a simple repair. The issue is often a problem with the flapper valve. When the valve doesn’t seal all the way, water passes through from the tank to the bowl. You need to get a better seal to stop the flow. If you head to the hardware store, you can find a toilet flapper kit. Installing the new valve isn’t difficult, but it does take time. If you don’t want to add to your weekend to-do list, you should call one of the plumbers in Tulsa, OK for help.

4. Drain Clogs

Your drains see more than just water. Toothpaste, hair, and many other items go down your bathroom drains. Unfortunately, some of those items don’t belong there. They remain in the pipes and form a clog. If a clog is large enough, it will keep water from flowing through your pipes. One of the first signs of a clog may be water that’s slow to drain from your sink or bathtub. When the clog becomes bigger, it will completely keep the water from draining. While some clogs are easy to fix with a plumber or a chemical drain cleaner, others are more stubborn. Plumbers have various methods of removing clogs and can clear your pipes in only a short time. They use methods like drain snaking and hydrojetting to remove large blockages. Keep in mind that DIY drain cleaning is dangerous. If you use chemicals to clear your drains, you could do damage to your pipes. This causes more problems and may end up with an expensive repair job. To save yourself from the cost, you should work with an experienced plumber.

5. Dripping Faucet

If your dripping faucet is giving you insomnia, it’s time to take action. Your faucet can be both annoying and expensive, costing you money on your water bill. Even a slow drip could drive up the cost of your bill. By putting off your plumbing repair, you cost yourself money. In some cases, the fix is as easy as installing a washer or plate to seal up your fixture. The sooner you call for a repair, the less money you’ll spend on wasted water.

6. Foul Smells

Your bathroom might not ever smell good, but it shouldn’t smell like the sewer. Instead of trying to cover up the scent, you need a plumbing repair. The smell could be caused by a clogged drain or a damaged pipe. In any case, you should call in an expert. If the smell is from a broken sewer line, your health is on the line. You can’t be sure of the cause until a plumber inspects your home.

Working with Plumbers in Broken Arrow

Too many people live with their bathroom problems. But your home should be a place you enjoy and not a source of frustration. To increase your comfort, call a plumber and repair your plumbing problems. Whether the issue is minor or serious, you need someone you can count on. Here at Infinity, we have what it takes to take on your bathroom plumbing. Use our emergency services, call for a regular repair, or rely on us for annual maintenance. Give us a call today.