Signs that Your Water Heater Needs Help from Professional Plumbers

One of the worst ways to start your day is having to finish your warm shower with ice-cold water, because your tankless water heater suddenly refuses to work. When this happens, you should immediately call a professional plumber, or risk going through another icy shower in the days to come. Signs that Your Water Heater Needs Help from Professional Plumbers However, you shouldn’t vent out your anger or frustration on the poor heater that must have been displaying signs of an approaching breakdown for days. Most equipment doesn’t just suddenly fall apart. Most of the time, they show simple signs that a problem is already present before things finally come to a head. It is your responsibility to inform yourself and be aware of these signs to avoid the need for emergency tankless water heater repair.

Here are some of these signs:

  • Low Pressure – There are two possible reasons for this condition. The first is that your utility company is having water pressure problems, and the second is that there are obstructions in your water fixtures and plumbing.You may first call your utility company and ask if the problem is coming from the water supply. If not, call on a plumber to have your system checked and get to the root of the problem.
  • Weird Noises – If you experience a clicking noise with your tankless water heater, rest assured that this is normal. This commonly happens when water stops and flows through the heater.However, if the noise is coming from your pipes, it will be better to call the local plumbers and have the pipes inspected. Common problems that lead to pipe noises are sediment build-ups and loose fixtures.
  • Temperature Problems – If you suddenly experience cooler than normal water temperature, check first if the thermostat is set correctly. Someone in your household may have used the shower and adjusted the setting.If the setting is correct, but the water is still cool, then this is an indication of a possible problem. The same is true if the water is warmer than what you usually get for the same setting.Once the thermostat has been set, your heater is supposed to maintain the indicated temperature. Fluctuating temperatures could be a thermostat control problem, or a defective heating sensor. Call a professional plumber to find out.
As a final tip, refrain from doing DIY work. In your attempt to fix your heater, you might only make things worse. Instead, leave the problem in the hands of skilled professionals like those from Infinity Plumbing Services in Broken Arrow.


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