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Like every other system in your house, plumbing systems have a shelf-life. Even the most well-constructed pipes show signs of corrosion or wear. Replacing old, worn-out pipes is known as repiping, and it is a task you will have to undertake whether you buy a new or used house. Infinity Plumbing Services offers repiping services in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Whether you’re moving into an old house and need to upgrade the entire plumbing system or launch a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we can revive your plumbing system by adding modern piping that will last several decades. We work with piping materials, faucets, fixtures, drains, and connections. Contact us today to get an estimate on our repiping services.

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What is Repiping?

Repiping is replacing the pipes in a home or building. It is a complete replacement for your water supply plumbing system. This process usually includes removing the old, readily accessible pipe and installing the new plumbing system. 

Standard repiping projects include the installation of all-new hot and cold domestic water piping from the water source to all existing faucets and fixtures. Repiping does not typically include replacing the drainage or sewer line system. However, we have the equipment and experience necessary to replace those systems if you need a comprehensive plumbing system replacement.

What Are Some Signs That My Plumbing System Needs Repiping?

Some signs could indicate that your home or business plumbing system needs repiping.

Your home is 50 Years Old

Galvanized steel was the primary material used in plumbing systems until the mid-twentieth century. If your pipes haven’t been replaced since the house was built, the pipes could start to corrode and need replacing.

Discolored Water

If the water from your faucet has a reddish or brown tinge, it’s a sign that your pipes could be rusting, and the water is likely contaminated – and no longer safe to drink.

Strange Taste or Smell

Even if the water looks normal, if it has an unusual odor or taste, your pipes may contain rust or mold – contaminating the water.

Low Water Pressure

If the water pressure starts to slow down, it could point to various issues, including mineral buildup or leaks. Reduced water pressure is not only inconvenient, but it could also lead to dangerous rust or mold developing.

Water Leaks

While an occasional, isolated leak is normal in pipes, if they occur frequently or your pipes are backing up, it could signify that the entire plumbing system needs to be replaced.

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We Can Repipe Your Plumbing System Anywhere in Your Home or Business

If you’re installing a new appliance, such as a water heater, and you need a gas line to feed it, our team can help you. We install gas lines in all areas—including

If you want to add an appliance in an area that doesn’t have a gas line, we can size your system and determine if your current piping can handle the additional demand. Our professionals provide gas piping and repiping that is 100% compliant with local laws. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that your gas lines are efficient and safe.

Schedule Repiping Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Outdated plumbing systems are inefficient, hazardous, and costly. If it’s time to replace your plumbing system, contact Infinity Plumbing Services. We offer complete repiping services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We can assess your plumbing and replace the entire system from the ground up. Contact us today for a repiping estimate.

To schedule plumbing services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, fill out our contact form or call us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Repiping Services in Oklahoma

If your galvanized steel or copper pipes are leaking, they can be repaired. However, in most cases, once these older pipes start corroding, more leaks are likely to appear in the future. It may be more cost-effective to repipe your home now rather than repeatedly pay for expensive repairs.

The answer to this question is one of the first questions homeowners ask. How long it will take to repipe your home depends on a number of factors. First, how big, or small, is your home? What kind of pipes are currently installed? Do you have a basement or does your house sit on a foundation? What kind of pipes are you installing, pex or copper? A basic answer is that repiping can take anywhere from 2 days to a whole week

Some signs that your plumbing system needs repiping include

  • Brown tinted water coming out of your sink and tub faucets
  • Water coming out of your sink and tub faucets at a lower pressure than usual
  • Rust spots or notice watermarks on your ceiling
  • Your home’s piping system has rusted all the way through
  • A faulty pipe connection

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