Reliable Plumbers Explain How You can Make Tap Water Safer to Drink

Many people say that buying bottled water is a waste of money, mainly because tap water is perfectly fine! But with the events in Flint, Michigan, even the staunchest critics of bottled water have reason for pause.

Yet the reality remains: buying bottled water is crazy expensive. Just to compare, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) states that a gallon of bottled water cost about $1.21 in 2013. The cost of municipal water? Two dollars for every thousand gallons.

Is there a way to get safe drinking water without sending money down the drain? As plumbers serving the Tulsa area will tell you, there absolutely is: a home water filtration system that connects to your home’s water source can filter a wide variety of impurities before water is channeled into your faucets. Aside from making your water extra clean and safe, there are also many benefits to installing this type of system.

Reduce Chlorine

Adding chlorine to municipal water is an effective and cost-efficient way to kill waterborne pathogens. However, it does tend to leave an unpleasant taste that quite a few people can’t stomach. More importantly, though, the New York Times reports that chlorine might cause bladder and rectal cancer.

Reduce Fluoride

For years, municipalities have added fluoride to their water in order to promote stronger teeth. However, studies have shown that prolonged fluoride exposure can cause a string of ailments, ranging from gum disease to bladder cancer. And if you have kids in the home, too much fluoride may even cause damage to their teeth in the form of spotting.

Trace Chemicals

Do you try to eat organic food to avoid nasty chemicals? Bad news: those chemicals, absent in organic food, may actually be present in your tap water. For instance, municipal water may contain trace amounts of pesticides, heavy metals, and even prescription drugs!

Improve Taste

A lot of minerals are dissolved in water, such as manganese and calcium. While they’re not bad for your health per se, they do leave a weird aftertaste. If you’re especially sensitive about how your water tastes, a home filtration system may be a worthwhile investment.
Of course, getting a home water filtration system is not a weekend DIY project. Make sure to consult with trusted plumbers in Tulsa who can recommend the best system for your home and install the water filtration system for you. With their help, you can enjoy clean, great-tasting water in no time at all.


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