How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost

You use your water heater more than most of the other appliances in your home. Without a working water heater, you could be miserable in your own home. Regardless of the weather outside, your water heater is necessary for effective cleaning, bathing, and more. For this reason, water heater installation and repair is an important subject in Broken Arrow. It’s likely that you’ll need to hire a plumber to install a water heater at least once in your lifetime. But most homeowners aren’t sure how much the whole process should cost. There’s the expense of the water heater as well as the labor costs. So, how much does the total installation cost?

The Average Cost of a Water Heater Installation

There is no way to say precisely how much your installation will cost. Some installations are more complex than others. For instance, switching from electric to gas requires work with gas lines, and that comes at an additional cost. Propane heater installations tend to be pricey, but there are several advantages to using propane. The cost greatly varies by the type of water heater. If you get a traditional 40 or 50-gallon water heater, the cost ranges anywhere from $400 to $900. Meanwhile, a tankless heater installation is, on average, between $1,470 and $2,500. Prices even vary by manufacturer. If you choose one brand of water heater, it could cost much more than a similar model of another brand. Your plumber should be able to work with you to find a heater in your price range.

What Affects the Price?

In addition to the details mentioned above, there are other factors that affect the cost of the installation. For instance, every plumbing company sets its own hourly rate. The higher the hourly rate, the more the installation will cost. Typically, hourly rates range between $45 and $65. The time of installation is another factor that matters. Of course, every plumber works at their own pace. On average, it takes a plumber between six and eight hours to perform a straightforward installation. The cost of the labor alone is approximately $270 to just over $500. If you need new piping for the water heater, you could also be looking at a higher cost. Not all installations require this, but some do. The installation will take longer, and you need to add on the cost of new pipes to your total bill.

Installation Isn’t the Only Cost

When you choose a plumbing company and a water heater, don’t make any rash decisions. The initial cost of installation isn’t the only expense to consider. Every water heater requires maintenance, and traditional heaters are particularly needy when it comes to maintenance.


The lifespan of the heater also matters. While a tankless heater costs more initially, it has a longer lifespan than a traditional heater. Instead of only lasting ten years, a tankless heater could last 20. If you plan on staying in your home for decades, a tankless heater could be more affordable.


If you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to repairs in the near future, you should check into the warranty. The plumbing company and the water heater manufacturer may both offer warranties. The terms of those warranties vary, so read the fine print.

Energy Costs

Often overlooked, the energy costs to run your water heater affect its total cost. An energy-efficient water heater costs more up-front than one that doesn’t rate well for energy efficiency. But your monthly savings could make all the difference.

Should the Cost Affect Your Decision?

Picking a plumber for your water heater repair and installation is a daunting task. With so many companies to choose from, you might struggle to know how to pick a plumber. In your attempt to weed out the good from the bad, you probably consider the installation cost. But how much should the estimate play into your decision? The cost of installation can tell you a lot about the company. If a company charges an outrageous price for installation, you can bet that they are only in business for the money. They lack the passion you want your water heater repair and installation company to have for the industry and may cut corners during the installation. Unfortunately, this means trouble for you down the line. If you can’t trust your plumber to charge you a fair rate, how can you trust them to install a water heater properly? Meanwhile, a company that charges too little for its installation is also one to avoid. Nothing is wrong with an affordable rate, but an installation cost that seems too good to be true is a red flag. Why is the price so low? Do they keep the prices down by using low-quality products? Perhaps they don’t have a license or insurance. With such low prices, they may only hire inexperienced plumbers.

The Importance of Picking the Right Company for your Water Heater Installation and Repair

It’s essential to choose the best company for the job because the stakes are high. If you hire a company that’s uninsured or unlicensed, you could be on the hook for fixing their mistakes or paying their medical bills expenses in the event of an accident on the job. A shoddy repair also causes problems in the future. You may need frequent repairs, experience water damage, or have a water heater with a short lifespan. For optimal results, choose a company that has fair rates. When you get quotes for the installation, opt against companies that have extremely high or low prices. In reality, the cost of the installation is only one piece of the puzzle. It matters, but shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing a plumber for your installation. Take the time to research your plumber online. Before you hire anyone, find out about their customer service, warranties, and qualifications. When you need water heater installation and repair, you can count on us at Infinity Plumbing Services. If you’re ready to get started with a reputable company, give us a call now.