Common Problems Plumbers Encounter with Tankless Water Heaters

Today’s tankless water heating systems offer exceptional convenience. They are able to supply you with nearly a limitless amount of hot water for use in your home. Unlike traditional water heater storage tanks, that only hold 30 to 100 gallons of hot water, tankless water heaters provide hot water as you demand it. While tankless water heaters experience fewer leaks than traditional water heater tanks, they do develop other problems. These generally will require tankless water heater repair services. The following are some of the most common reasons why you might need the service of Broken Arrow plumbers.

No Ignition

When a hot water tap is turned on, the water heater’s ignition is supposed to activate the gas burner. If the ignition does not activate, you will not get any hot water. The ignition may not work due to a variety of reasons, including a blown fuse, improper grounding of electrical wires, improper gas pressure, broken gas control valve, or a dirty inlet filter or sensor. A plumbing service can repair any of these issues for you.

Flame Problems

The gas burner of the tankless water heater may not produce a tall enough flame. This could be due to insufficient venting or a voltage problem within the burner’s control panel. These problems require professional repairs.

Water Is Too Hot

If the water coming from your faucets is too hot, the thankless heater’s thermostat may be set too high. You can adjust this yourself. In some cases, the thermostat sensors could be loose. You can test this by adjusting the thermostat and cleaning the shower heads. If the water is still coming out too hot, this could very well be your problem.

Water Is Too Cold

The most common reason for water that is too cold, is having your temperature set too low on your tankless water heater’s thermostat. Or the sensors could be loose from their mounting on the hot water pipe. If only one faucet lacks hot water, it may not have enough water pressure. Try turning up the water pressure. Hot water can also cool as it travels too far from faucets. Don’t forget to visit our service area pages and follow us on Facebook for more exciting updates.