Common Mistakes That May Damage Your Plumbing System

There’s nothing funny about a clogged drain or overflowing toilet. Unfortunately, you can face either incident at any point in time. Even if you think you treat your plumbing with care, you can never be sure that you won’t experience a plumbing emergency. Find out more about the most common plumbing mistakes and learn when to call the plumbers in Broken Arrow.

1. Pouring Chemicals Down Your Drain

If you have a clog in your drain, your first step may be to look under the sink for a chemical drain cleaner. However, chemicals aren’t the answer. They provide a short-term solution but come with long-term consequences. The chemicals are often corrosive and damage your pipes. After using the chemicals repeatedly, you cause irreparable damage to your plumbing system. They eat away at clogs, along with the lining of your pipes. Eventually, your pipes will collapse. Chemicals also may damage your lungs. In some chemical drain cleaners, there are ingredients that are harmful to your health. By choosing to use those cleaners, you put yourself in harm’s way. Before you need to call one of the plumbers in Tulsa to fix a collapsed pipe, stop using drain cleaners. Use gentler methods to remove clogs, and call a plumber when those methods don’t work.

2. Throwing Products Down Your Toilet

Besides human waste, there’s only one thing that should go down your toilet – toilet paper. Although this may seem obvious, it’s something that many homeowners are guilty of. Even if you’re not the one placing things down the toilet, other people might be doing it. Baby wipes, facial masks, and feminine products do not belong in your toilet. Sometimes, buttons, clothes, and toys end up in your toilet. Unlike toilet paper, these products don’t dissolve. They remain in your system and block water from flowing. You could grab your plunger, but that’s not enough to remove a stubborn clog. If something besides toilet paper does down your toilet, call a plumber. And before anything does go down your toilet, make sure everyone in your home knows to limit the toilet to toilet paper.

3. Lack of Knowledge

How much do you know about your plumbing system? Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the basics of plumbing. As a result, they make mistakes that cause their system to break. For instance, you might have a septic system. If you do, there’s a whole new set of rules that you should follow. You need to be cautious about what goes down your drains, and you also need to perform maintenance on your system. The next time one of the plumbers in Broken Arrow comes to your home, ask them about your system. They can give you tips and help you understand how your plumbing works. Then, you’re less likely to do something that damages your system.

4. Using Drop-in Fresheners

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bathroom that smells good. Nevertheless, some people still try a little too hard to make their bathrooms smell good. They place drop-in fresheners down their pipes. While the drop-in freshener will mask the smell, it can do more harm than good. Usually, they leave behind a residue that damages your toilet valve and you’d pipes. After a short time, the drop-in could cause a clog in your plumbing. There’s another issue that arises from using drop-in fresheners. They hide a more significant issue. If your toilet smells, there’s a bigger problem somewhere within your pipes. Putting off a plumbing repair simply prolongs the problem. You might have a broken pipe, and the smell will persist until you fix it. If the smell really bothers you, buy a spray air freshener or a plug-in. It will cover the smell until an experienced professional comes in.

5. Abusing the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is only capable of so much. If you’re placing egg shells, fruit seeds, and other hard items down your garbage disposal, you’re not treating it properly. Be cautious before placing items down your disposal. There are two reasons for this. First, there’s the fact that the blades of your disposal are only so sharp. They can’t cut through hard materials that go into your disposal. Secondly, certain materials collect in your drain. Although grease can make it past your disposal blades, it hardens in your drains. The material collects other debris and eventually becomes a large clog. Your garbage disposal can’t handle fibrous, gummy, or hard foods. This includes celery, onion peels, and fruit seeds. When you’re cooking or cleaning, pay attention to what goes down your disposal.

6. Trying to Fix Issues on Your Own

There are many benefits to being a DIY champion. However, not every home repair can be fixed by inexperienced hands. Unless you’ve trained as a plumber, you should leave plumbing repairs to the experts. Plumbing systems are complex, and this makes it essential to turn to the experts for a repair. If you don’t have years of training and experience, you can’t know how to tackle every plumbing issue that comes your way. In fact, your attempt at a repair could cause more harm than good. If you do have a successful repair, there’s no guarantee that it will last. A professional may have a better way of fixing something that lasts longer. Additionally, they might offer a guarantee on their work. By hiring a reputable professional, you can improve your chances of having a repair that lasts.

When Should You Call Plumbers in Broken Arrow?

It’s never a bad time to call a plumber. If you ever experience troubles with your plumbing, it’s time to call plumbers in Tulsa. They can handle everything from small jobs to major ones. Whether you have a drain that’s slow or a burst pipe, your plumber can help. Here at Infinity Plumbing, we’re equipped to handle all of your plumbing problems. We are ready to help whenever you experience common or uncommon plumbing issues. Don’t put off your problems and contact one of the most reputable plumbers in Broken Arrow.