Save Some Dollars through Your Water Heaters

High utility bills? Hot water may be draining some of your hard-earned money straight through your pipes. The Department of Energy estimates that almost 17% of a home’s total energy is used by water heaters. In fact, if you combine the energy consumed by all other household appliances, the total won’t even come close to what water heaters consume. There’s no denying that hot water is essential to daily life. It’s used for showers and cleaning, to the preparation of food. So, it makes sense to be more efficient in using water heaters to lower your utility expenses.

Here are some tips:

Plug Up All Leaks

Even a small leak in your hot water system can be costly over time. Not only do they waste precious water, but they can cause deterioration. Check your showers, sinks, and toilets. Carefully go over your hoses outside. Inspect your gaskets and washers for tightness. Remember that one of the leading causes of leaks is those cheap, rubber flappers, so check for necessary repairs or replacements. To ensure that all leaks are fixed, it’s a great idea to call a Broken Arrow plumber for professional, lasting solutions.

Turn Down the Temperature

After you’ve checked for leaks, consider adjusting your water heater’s temperature. The Department of Energy says that lowering the temperature to 120º, or even lower if you can, can make a difference in your utility bills. You can also turn off your water heater if you’re going away on a holiday, to help conserve energy.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Products

If you’ve got the budget, some energy-efficient upgrades are always an excellent step. For instance, you can start small by purchasing an insulated blanket for your water heater. And low-flow fixtures for your showers and sinks can also help you lower your water consumption. Want to take it to the next level? Consider adding a heat trap configuration. This reduces heat loss by letting the hot water continually flow up. When it’s time to replace your water heater altogether due to age or wear, there are high-efficiency hot water heaters available today. You have many options such as instantaneous water heaters, solar water heaters, and high-efficiency storage gas tanks. If you go this route, make sure to call in an experienced tankless water heater service in Broken Arrow to help you make the best choice.

Small Changes in Behavior

Finally, just a few, simple behavioral changes can go a long way toward reducing your utility expenses. For instance, ask everyone in your home to turn off the water while they’re scrubbing the dishes. In time, these little steps will not only result in more efficient use of your water heater, but can also lighten your overall household maintenance costs. Contact Infinity Plumbing Services for Scheduling an appointment and Follow us on Facebook for more updates