Common Problems Plumbers Encounter with Tankless Water Heaters

Common Problems Plumbers Encounter with Tankless Water Heaters

Todays tankless water heating systems offer exceptional convenience. They are able to supply you with nearly a limitless amount of hot water for use in your home.

Unlike traditional water heater storage tanks, that only hold 30 to 100 gallons of hot water, the tankless water heaters provide hot water as you demand it.

While tankless water heaters experience fewer leaks than traditional water heater tanks, they do develop other problems. These generally will require tankless water heater repair services.

The following are some of the most common reasons why you might need the service of Broken Arrow plumbers.

No Ignition

When a hot water tap is turned on, the water heater’s ignition is supposed to activate the gas burner. If the ignition does not activate, you will not get any hot water.

The ignition may not work due to a variety of reasons, including a blown fuse, improper grounding of electrical wires, improper gas pressure, broken gas control valve, or a dirty inlet filter or sensor.

A plumbing service can repair any of these issues for you.

Flame Problems

The gas burner of the tankless water heater may not produce a tall enough flame. This could be due to insufficient venting or a voltage problem within the burner’s control panel. These problems require professional repairs.

Water Is Too Hot

If the water coming from your faucets is too hot, the tankless heater’s thermostat may be set too high. You can adjust this yourself.

In some cases, the thermostat sensors could be loose. You can test this by adjusting the thermostat and cleaning the shower heads. If water is still coming out too hot, this could very well be your problem.

Water Is Too Cold

The most common reason for water that is too cold, is having your temperature setting to low on your tankless water heater’s thermostat. Or the sensors could be loose from their mounting on the hot water pipe.

If only one faucet has a lack of hot water, it may not have enough water pressure. Try turning up the water pressure.

Hot water can also cool as it travels to far faucets.

Tankless Water Heater Problems,

Why Hire Professional Plumbing Contractors For a New Build?

Why Hire Professional Plumbing Contractors For a New Build?

Plumbing contractors are the right people to call when you want to install a new plumbing system in your current home, or if you are building a new home.

Plumbing problems at home can be a headache. There may be a leaky tap or a broken pipe that a plumbing contractor can fix within minutes. The average homeowner spends about 15% of his house building investments setting up the plumbing system. That is a small amount when you think of the health hazards and repairs you can avoid by having the right plumbing system installed.

The plumbing system in your home generally serves two basic purposes. The first purpose is to provide clean water for all kinds of household needs; the sinks, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the toilets, bathrooms, etc. The second purpose is to remove the polluted water efficiently without mixing it with the clean water supply.

The main components of a plumbing system are the main water shut off valve, water meter, fixture stop valves, drainage taps and water heater. Each of these components should be installed and checked by a plumbing contractor to make sure they work well together.

The internal diameter of the delivery pipes is very important. The smaller the diameter, the higher the pressure and the velocity that goes into the house. Each area of the plumbing system is thoroughly dependent on good water pressure. Plumbing contractors are able to manipulate the water pressure in such a way, that water is distributed and preserved so that each area of the house gets the necessary quantity of water at all times.

For the plumbing system to work efficiently it is necessary that the gravity be checked. Plumbers depend on gravity to remove waste water and drainage from the house. It is mandatory that each house has the correct number of vents and pipes so that the drainage system works perfectly. The vents work towards releasing all the air pressure stuck inside the pipes.

Plumbing services have to adhere to certain codes. These codes decide the internal diameter of plumbing pipes, what kind of pipes should be used where, how these pipes should be placed, where shut off valves will be placed, what the safety precautions need to be followed and so on.

When you hire a successful plumbing service, they will help you design and install a plumbing system that is best for you, and that will adhere to the federal, state and local codes.

It takes money to keep the home plumbing system in good working condition. It not only adds to the ease of modern living but works for the general health of the family.

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BA Plumbers Emphasize the Need for Water Heater Maintenance

BA Plumbers Emphasize the Need for Water Heater Maintenance

A faulty gas water heater recently caused a destructive wildfire in Lake County, California, scorching nearly 70,000 acres of land. The wildfire also destroyed 43 homes, and put thousands of residents under evacuation alerts. Sources say that the gas water heater was located in a shed that contained flammable liquids. It remains unclear how the heater failed and ignited the fire.

The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Different types of water heaters deliver important benefits to many homes and establishments. However, as with any heat exchange device, proper maintenance is needed to keep a water heater performing safely and efficiently. According the National Fire Protection Association, water heaters spark thousands of fires annually in the United States.

This highlights the importance of proper water heater maintenance and installation. For both needs, you should call on experienced plumbers in Broken Arrow, like those at Infinity Plumbing Services. Our pros have the skills and know-how to ensure a safe installation and usage over time.

Caring for Your Water Heater

There are certain maintenance repairs that you as a homeowner can do on your own, however. One of the most important maintenance requirements with water heaters is to make sure its components are free from lime scale. What may look like harmless scale buildup can have enormous impacts on the efficiency of your system, potentially causing it to run longer burner cycles. This causes undue stress on the system, leading to no hot water, a shorter heater lifespan, and is a potential fire hazard.

Steps for Removing Lime Buildup

To remove lime scale, you’ll need to flush your water heater. The first thing you have to do is turn off your system’s power source.  Next, place a sump pump with 1/6th horsepower in a 5 gallon bucket, then connect the pump’s output to the heater’s input with a hose. Connect another hose to the heater’s output then let one end sit inside the bucket.

Pour two to three gallons of white vinegar in your bucket, and add one gallon of water. This mixture will serve as your de-scaler. Start the pump and allow the mixture to cycle through your heater for 45 minutes. This process will loosen and remove lime buildup in your system, allowing it to run like new again.

Descaling is just one of the responsibilities that water heater owners like you need to perform. If you are unsure about how to go about this, or if you notice a problem with your water heater, call a plumber who offers conventional and/or tankless water heater service. Your prompt action on your plumbing problems may be more important than you think.


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Caring For Your Tankless Water Heater,

Ensure Your Tap Water is Safe by Installing a Water Filtration System

Ensure Your Tap Water is Safe by Installing a Water Filtration System

If you’ve heard about the tap water woes currently plaguing residents in Flint, Michigan, don’t make the mistake of thinking the water in your Broken Arrow, Oklahoma home is immune to such issues.

A good number of Flint’s residents have fallen ill due to unusually high levels of lead, copper, and bacteria in the city’s water. This incident has led to an outcry for a closer look at the water supplies in other cities throughout the nation.

In particular, aging pipelines across all states are causing widespread concern. Just 2 years ago, the U.S. got a measly “D” in terms of drinking water quality from the American Society for Civil Engineers. Furthermore, the Society claimed that most of the nation’s drinking water infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life.

Contaminated tap water isn’t only harmful to humans. Pets, specifically cats, are quite susceptible to the dangers of dirty tap water too. Exposed animals are exhibiting episodes of vomiting and loose stools, on top of significantly reduced water consumption.

Bad news aside, here a couple of ways you can determine whether your tap water is safe, or if you need to call a plumber to install a water purification system.

One of the things you can do is check with your local water company. The agency that handles your water supply is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to supply their customers with a Consumer Confidence Report. This is a yearly water quality report which details specific contaminants (if any) that might be present in your tap, as well as the risks they pose to consumers’ health. This report typically comes with your bill or is available as a downloadable PDF file, if you pay your bills online.

You can also choose to test your water via a home test kit. However, these kits don’t cover everything. But they do cover the more potent contaminants like lead, arsenic, pesticides, and other types of bacteria.

If you’re not entirely sure about doing it yourself, you can also call the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline which connects you to a water testing agency near you.

One final option is to call Infinity Plumbing Services. We’ll test your water for you, free of charge.

Should you find that your tap water is unsafe, you should install a water filtration system in your home immediately. In fact, it would be best to have such a system installed regardless of any test results. Not only will this give you the confidence that your water is pure and safe, it can also improve the taste and clarity of the water.

Professionals from Broken Arrow companies like Infinity Plumbing Services can be counted on to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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3 Benefits of Having Plumbers Install Your New Tankless Water Heater

3 Benefits of Having Plumbers Install Your New Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to heat all of the water that your home needs. If you like long, hot showers or if you do a lot of laundry, a traditional water heating system may not be sufficient to supply all of your needs.

Consider these popular benefits of having Broken Arrow plumbers install a new tankless water heater in your home.

Long Lifespan

When properly cared for, your new heater will last for an average of 14 years, which is nearly twice as long as a water heating system with a storage tank.

Even if you do need tankless water heater repair, you will find that for the vast majority of the time that you own the system, it works without any problems.


Tankless water heating systems are a safe way to heat water.

A traditional hot water tank can be hot to the touch, causing burns to your skin. The temperature gauges on water heater tanks can also easily be jostled, causing the water within the tank to come out of your faucets and fixtures at too high of a temperature.

With a tankless water heating system, the water’s temperature is carefully regulated, as it is digitally controlled by a programmable thermostat that you can adjust as needed.

Low Operating Costs

One of the most popular reasons why homeowners like you have a new tankless water heating system installed is because these appliances have low operating costs. The long lifespan of these systems, and the less number of working parts to rust or wear out, mean that preventive maintenance and occasional repairs are all that are needed.

Because water is heated only as it is needed, your electricity or natural gas is not wasted on maintaining a supply of hot water.

A tankless water heating system can pay for itself within about 3 years for a typical household’s use, simply due to the lower electricity or natural gas usage.

You may also find that you waste less water, as you don’t have to wait for it to get hot.


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Broken Arrow, OK Plumbers on the Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Broken Arrow, OK Plumbers on the Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Most people have heard of the recommendation to drink 8 12-ounce glasses of water every day in order to stay healthy and hydrated. If you buy this much bottled water, you might find that your grocery budget is mostly spent on drinking water instead of the foods you enjoy.

Instead of spending too much money on bottled water or drinking foul tasting tap water, you can work with a plumber to have a residential water filtration system installed in your home.

Removes Chlorination Byproducts

Cities use water treatment centers as a way to cleanse water of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other organisms that cause illness. During this process, chlorine is added to the water. The byproducts of chlorination have been found to increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

When you have a water filtration system installed in your home, the equipment removes those byproducts so you do not consume them.

Lead Removal

When you use a water filtration service, you can enjoy tap water that is free of contaminants like lead.

Consumption of lead is known to cause a variety of health problems, especially in infants, children and pregnant women.

Fewer Microbes

No matter whether your home is connected to a municipal water supply or you have well water, some microbes will still be present in the water that comes out of your faucets.

A water filtration system helps to filter out potentially harmful cysts and microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Fewer contaminants in your water lessens your risk of developing gastrointestinal illnesses.

Better Tasting

Filtered water does not have the chemical smells that tap water often has. With fewer impurities, filtered water often tastes better than tap water.

Most states do not have any regulations about bottled water, which in some cases is nothing more than unfiltered tap water from a city water supply.

When the water that you are drinking tastes good to you, you may be more likely to drink more of it. The foods and drinks you make with the freshly filtered water from your home may also taste better to you.


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