How Flood Stop Combats Floods and Other Leaks In Your Home



Has your house ever been damaged due to water from an appliance or other plumbing system failing? Do you know anyone that has had damages due to a plumbing leak? Do you travel frequently?

At Infinity Plumbing Services, we go into many homes in and around Tulsa, OK to repair such leaks, and get to see the damage leaking water causes firsthand. Many times the leaks are small and simple. Most homeowners don’t even know there’s a problem until they notice the damage the leaking water has caused; wet spots on drywall, paint that’s bubbling, mold, or buckling hardwood floors, among other things.


Of course, we all know the horror stories where you or a friend comes home to a flooded house from a completely burst pipe and everything you own is sitting in two feet of water, as well.

The great news is we do have an amazing product now that will help prevent much of the damage, before it occurs, when a pipe, appliance or plumbing fixture leaks.


Flood Stop is our new tool to combat floods and other leaks. It works whether you’re home or not. Flood Stop is an automatic opening or closing valve, also known as a solenoid valve. It comes with wireless or wired sensors.


If a sensor gets wet, the Flood Stop valve automatically closes, turning water off to either that fixture or your whole house, depending on the type of Flood Stop you elect to have.


We have Flood Stops in two different varieties.



One is installed at individual fixtures. For example, it can be installed at your washing machine as a safeguard against the hoses breaking, or at your dishwasher, toilet, sink -- any specific location that has potential risk for leaks and flooding.


For the most protection, we recommend having a whole house Flood Stop installed. This means that the Flood Stop valve is installed at your main water shut off and multiple, wireless sensors are installed strategically throughout your house. If ANY of the sensors get wet, the Flood Stop valve automatically shuts off water to your entire house.


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